February, 2014

I’m tempted to say something cute like “Long Time No See” but I’ll just get to it…

I have just read two books that are fabulous for those of us who want to be slim and strong. When you get right down to it, we ALL know that if your head is not in the game, it’s not going to work. THIS is why “diets don’t work” and these two books explained that problem to me better than anything I’ve ever read.

Please — do yourself a favor and read these:

Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat by Greg Kuhn and Jumpstart Your Metabolism by Pam Grout.


May 18, 2012

The New Weight, New Life Member Site is OPEN FOR BUSINESS. I am nervous and excited…  But all the tech stuff seems to be working just fine and the Program is ready to go.     Whew.   PLEASE join us!!!

Click here to sign up! — New Weight, New Life Member Site


May 4, 2012

Hello again…   It’s getting pretty exciting around here as I get closer and closer to having my super-cool Membership ready. To begin NOW, you can sign up below for a FREE TELESEMINAR offered in a few weeks by my friend, Susan Lebby Spector, a Life Coach and Psychotherapist who offers these types of seminars and is doing one for me for FREE!  Really, take advantage of this. Susan is very good at what she does and you’re bound to get something out of this that will help you make your life better.

So sign up here for: “Transform Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Coach”

New Weight, New Life Membership will be available for sign up on May 18th and will begin on May 25. So watch for that. This has been a LOT more work than I thought it would be and I’m very excited that I now have much of it finished.   Stay tuned…

April 2, 2012

The problem for me in this “lose weight” dilemma is not what to eat to lose weight. That information is easy to come by and from my reading and doing, all you really need to do is get off sugar and all processed carbs and eat a diet of mostly good proteins and vegetables — more or less…

My problem is — HOW do we get ourselves to that emotional and psychological place where we can actually do this — and — stick with it.

For me, when feeling stress, food simply works.  It makes all the difference when I am feeling down or scared or pressured or………  And I’m not talking about eating 2 salads and a pile of green beans!  But you  knew that…

So how do we get to the place where we do what is best for us?  We all know that being overweight is not good for our health.  And there’s stress in just knowing that and not being able to do it — to eat right and stop using food for stress relief.

I’ve come upon two different techniques/processes/routines that can seriously help with this and am exploring them now. THIS is why it is taking me so blankety-blank long to get the Membership Site up now…   The technical problems are mostly solved and the physical steps for Week One are in place. But I need and want to offer a lot more than that so that we have a program that will, as much as humanly possible, really help you solve this problem once and for all.


March 18, 2012

Getting closer and closer…  Most of the technical problems for the Membership Site are solved — by ME, which is amazing!  The 8-Week Program is created and needs a few more tweaks, but is well on the way…   I’ll be offering a FREE TELESEMINAR with membership, and a Forum for members only.

Stay tuned.   It’s almost here…        Meredith


March 1, 2012

O-K…   The Membership site is getting close to being ready — very close…  A little more technical stuff (not my strong suit, but I slog through it) and a little more writing and it’ll be here.  I’d say within 3 weeks.  Stay tuned…

January 17, 2012

More information on the Membership Site and Forum coming soon.

It’s a couple weeks into the new year and we have all now had time to start the year sticking to a weight loss and exercise plan and then stop sticking to that weight loss and exercise plan.  :-)    Life.

If you’d like to know a LITTLE more about the plan that will be offered here, click on New Weight – New Life for the first few pages of the plan. Let’s see if we can find a way to eat and live that keeps us healthy, happy and fulfilled…

More to come soon…


September 13, 2011

                             Two Women I Admire…

Certainly, there have been more than two women who I’ve admired in my life, but today I’m thinking of two who have risen to the occasion of being larger than our culture thinks women should be and having a great life anyway!

One of them LOVES the beach. She lives for summer and would go to the beach every chance she got. Behind her back people would say, ” HOW can she put on a bathing suit and go out in public?!” — the implication being that she was too fat and that people would not want to have to look at her. Humans at our best, huh?  I always loved it that she just did what she loved and let the idiots say what they must.  It was a joy to listen to her talk about how she loved the beach…….and I admire her…

The other woman — also tall and large — is living a life that anyone would envy. She has a man who adores her — and vice versa. They are on the go constantly, doing such a variety of things — it makes my head spin!  She always looks like a million bucks and is truly one of the BEST people I have ever known. Very bright, knowledgeable, great fun to be with, has passionate opinions and SUCH a good human being…  I admire her, too.

I don’t know about the private heartache that these women may have suffered as a result of our societal pressure to be thin (or you’re worthless, or worthy of being made fun of).  But I do know that each of them has not let any of this stop them from having a good life.   Bravo!!!

I got onto this topic in my head this morning when I learned about a book I’d not heard of — Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon, Ph.D. I read up on the book and the author online and have ordered the book.

Dr. Bacon holds 2 Master’s Degrees and one Doctorate, all in areas of study that involve the human body and psyche. She, herself, was overweight for a large portion of her life.  Given my snarkiness about thin people telling fat people how to lose weight, I was happy to learn that she had a weight problem. There is something just wrong about that — but there it is…

In the last several months I’ve gone over many, many books written by people who believed that they had the answer to a healthy, normal weight. As I’ve said here before, they all claim that on THEIR program, people are full of energy and lose weight.

All this, coupled with the book I discovered this morning, has me thinking about the idea of aiming to be HEALTHY and letting the WEIGHT take care of itself. And remembering the two friends I described above — and thinking about not putting off buying some really nice clothes…now…

I have no idea where all this will end…but I’ll keep you posted…


September 6, 2011              

                 When Plan B becomes………………Plan Z…

What’s that cliche?  The best laid plans of mice and men……..  I usually just say, “the best laid plans…..”  and trail off…

Lately, it seems, I’ve been all talk and no action. But hope springs eternal and I keep telling myself that all in due time I will get out of the woods. I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, but this should be a no brainer.  I mean, the slow carb diet should be a piece of cake.  Um.  No.  No cake allowed. It should be a slam dunk. There. That’s better.

I keep telling myself “better late than never,” and that holds me for awhile, but then I take the easy way out and eat stuff that is not hard to swallow.  Sandwiches, cereal…  The loves of my life!

Normally I think of myself as sharp as a tack and my knowledge of dieting and what works is vast — but my performance is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I get all set — make a list of food that sounds like a plan and then do an about face. I should bend over backwards to accomplish this weight loss, to be a shining example. But the bottom keeps falling out.

I know, I know…the buck stops here, but I can’t seem to get my arms around it. There’s the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the middle of my kitchen! And a house divided against itself cannot stand — let alone lose weight. And I am CLEARLY of two minds.

I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall and so make allowances, excuses, and more sandwiches. I try to think outside the box and use lettuce instead of bread on those sandwiches, but I never quite make the grade.  In a last ditch effort, I got some pita bread —  lower carbs — and that lasted about 2 days. So while I had pinned my hopes on that solution, when push came to shove, I caved.

Every time I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I end up  spinning my wheels.  What’s a girl to do?  I’m caught between a rock and a hard place.

Lately I’ve had a bee in my bonnet to skip the  s-e-r-i-o-u-s  Slow Carb for now and just eat in a manner that will give me a clean bill of health.  I mean, I’m just missing the boat with Slow Carb at the moment. Often, I feel like I’m leading myself down a garden path.

So I’m not going to dig myself into a hole, psychologically. And I’m definitely not going to make a mountain out of a molehill.   Been there…done that…  I’m going to stay cool as a cucumber and not do anything earth shattering. Just simple good food.

Every dog has his day — but this dog has feet of clay and so I’m beginning again — from the ground up.  Fat chance, you say?  I think not.  I’ll go out on a limb and say that I think THIS TIME I’ll just take it one day at a time, and, knock on wood, keep my head above water.

I’m going to eat healthy food like there’s no tomorrow, and so that I don’t begin to look like something the cat dragged in. Little strokes fell big oaks — and I’m gonna put the horse before the cart.  Healthful food will lead me in the right direction.

So I’m spilling the beans by confessing that I’ve been loose as a goose with my diet. I will now nip that in the bud by acknowledging that one swallow does not a summer make, and that getting back on the horse and riding off into the sunset will prove that I am a rolling stone that gathers no moss.

There’s no time like the present to reevaluate, tack in a new direction, and begin again. The indecision has been a thorn in my side and this is for the birds. I could continue beating myself up til the cows come home — to what benefit?  It’s all water over the dam now, what’s done is done.  Life is a bowl of cherries — or in my case, a bowl of cereal. So one bowl at a time, one sandwich at a time — complimented by vegetables, protein and some of the fat of the land.  Healthy low carb with some bread and cereal. For now…

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


August 30, 2011  

Goodnight Irene….   I’ll see you in my dreams…”

Last week — earthquake. This week — hurricane.   Who can think about dieting!  Actually, in preparation for the hurricane, I did buy 2 of my favorite candy bars — Payroll.  And I did end up seeing Irene in my dreams — meaning that I actually slept through it.  I had gotten days of water and cash, made a bomb shelter of my bathroom (it’s windowless), and had 3 days brewed coffee in the fridge.  The battery radio was ready to go — with extra batteries on hand.  And I slept through it.  Go figure…   The good news is, nothing went wrong here and I don’t have to make coffee for a few days!

On the diet front, my carb counting was not producing weight loss, so I switched from Ezekiel Bread to a whole grain small pita bread for my sandwich — and now I’ve lost 2 pounds. Soon I will be going onto the Tim Ferriss Slow Carb Diet full steam — but my birthday is this weekend so I have ONE FINAL EXCUSE before I start…

I will also be ramping up my exercise. As of now I do some weight work 2-3- days a week and ride my stationary bike 1-2- times a week.  It’s keeping me from getting soggy — but I’m headed back to “Slim and Strong” so working out more will be a necessity.  I’m ready.

I’ve always used September as a second “starting over” period each year. Kind of like New Year’s Resolution Tweaking Time.  Since I worked in Higher Ed for years, school starting in the fall seemed like a great time to make a change or start something new. So I will do that again.  Anyone UP to join me?


August 23, 2011

      “I feel the earth move under my feet…

                                               I feel the sky tumbling down…”

So today, as I drove to a doctor appointment, we had an earthquake. I was listening to Sports Radio since the Phillies are doing SO WELL this year and it’s fun to keep hearing about it.  They were broadcasting from a casino in Atlantic City, went to commercial and when they got back they were agog at the building shaking and the lights waving around…  Then they began getting news as to what had happened — so I learned about the entire east coast earthquake from a couple sports guys!  It was cool.  And I didn’t feel a thing since I was in my car…

The doctor appointment had to do with pain I’ve been having in my right hip — which has gotten me scared to work out. Not good. So I went back to the practice of the doctor who replaced my  left hip in February. I had the right  hip replaced 7 years ago and was really afraid something bad was going on.

Good news — it’s bursitis.  So I will research that online, get some PT, and ice it several times a day.

Now.   Back to Slow Carb.      I have been inspiration-less as to what to write about today so I’m really grateful for the earthquake to get me started…

Watching Grass Grow

My cat is asleep in the bedroom.  I recycled paper today.     See?    I got nothin’.

So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to let it rest rather than try to force something and lose all my readers!  Something will come to me tomorrow and I’ll add it here.

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to my book.  And the above-mentioned Phillies…


Two Days Later:   Well, nothing came to me yesterday, which was the “tomorrow” I referred to on Tuesday.   I did spend the day in an incredibly good way, though. I watched a 4 hour Jack Canfield Seminar online. If you don’t know who he is, he’s one of the guys who wrote Chicken Soup For The Soul and has gone on to have an incredible career helping people lead the best possible life they can lead. HE KNOWS A LOT.  Check out his site.



August 16, 2011    “A little bit of Progress” Report

Slow-ish Carb Sandwich

I started eating differently last week on my way to committing to the Tim Ferriss version of the Slow Carb Diet.  I had previously stopped eating anything with sugar in it and all white carbs. But I so love my sandwich every afternoon so decided to give myself another bit of time with the sandwich in place before I completely stop eating bread for the duration.  I’m not at all sure that grains are good for us, given stuff I read lately…but I love my bread…

I’ve never done this before, but I’m counting CARBS and PROTEIN, keeping track every day in a little notebook and weighing in every day to keep myself reminded that I’m on a weight loss program at the moment :-) and also to see how this approach to Slow Carb works. I eat Ezekiel Bread, which is a slow carb bread — made from sprouted grains with NO flour.  (Find it in the health food section of your grocery store — often in the freezer.)

For the sandwich, I’m adding MORE protein than I normally do to increase the protein to carb ratio in the right direction. There are 22 net grams of perhaps “the best grain carbs you can get”  in this bread.  Michael and Mary Dan Eades (Protein Power) suggest 30 grams of “net” carbs in their weight loss program.  The New Atkins for a New You* suggests 20 “net” carbs for the first 2 weeks, then adding 10 grams at a time until you see where your body stops losing weight.

Yesterday I had 65 net carbs. “Net” means the number after you subtract any fiber carbs because those do not effect blood sugar levels at all. The Eades think that 55 a day is probably good for a person who just has a small amount of weight to lose or someone who wants to take off some fat and build some muscle — and I’ve read many articles and books by people who do not espouse Low Carb who think that 150 a day is good.

I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a weight loss guru…  I’m just going to see what works for me…    And pass it along…

*This is the latest Atkins book, written by two MD’s and a Ph.D. after Atkins death, and gives much scientific detail as to why low fat is ineffective in the long run and provides a lot of information on metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular health, and diabetes. It’s a book I recommend.  It’s written by three men who have been in the trenches.


August  9, 2011    MY Four-Hour Body!

Tim Ferriss and I go way back…  All the way back to the publishing of his first book.  That would be 2007, the year I retired and began casting about for my next adventure.

I was so excited as I read his book —  The 4-Hour Workweek.

It was so fresh and new — all these ideas and thoughts from this kid (from my perspective — he was a grown adult, early 30’s).  I couldn’t help harking back to where *I* was in my early 30’s.  NOT publishing my first book that flew up the Bestseller lists!

Since I had been a Medium Shot (as opposed to a Big Shot) at colleges and universities, I’d managed several offices and had read all the “how to succeed in management  books,” Steven Covey’s  7-Habits three times. So I was very familiar with the genre…

But this. Tim went out on every limb he could find…  And the thing that made ideas that could easily be considered ludicrous, sane,  is that he tested everything. And he thought SO out of every box.  Short term working with many mini-retirements, hard-nosed ideas on wasting time, working from home or from vacation, step-by-step instructions on how to start an online business, the uselessness of meetings, fear disguised as optimism…and more…

I started following him online and one day he talked about this diet he had come up with on which you could lose 20 pounds in 30 days.   Of course, I was intrigued and tried it.  And it worked.  He also talked about another book he was working on — about hacking the human body. He’d been keeping records of all his workouts and results and blood work and so forth since he was a teenager and was seeking the most effective way to do things — how the smallest moves could produce the most effect.

Eventually, there was something on his site about the quickest way to do weight workouts — and how he has gained a lot of muscle in one month working out only 4 hours that month, 2 half-hour workouts per week.  I had been working out with weights for several months when I read this and immediately adopted his techniques. I’m not sure, because of my age, if I would have started the heavier exercise at the beginning, but I had already built up considerable strength so upped my weights and shortened my time.

And really most exciting — I once commented on Tim’s blog and he responded!  Very cool.

So as we go along here, I will one day have my thin and strong photo to send to  him as a thank you!   MY 4-Hour body!

You can check out the book here:

The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman


August 2, 2011        Women and Food…

…as if nothing has ever been written about women and food!  What could I possibly add?

I was talking to a good friend on the phone the other night and she was going out for dinner the next day with some friends. And she was deciding what to order…with difficulty…based on what would be “good” for her, meaning low calorie and diet food. The conversation reminded me of how many times over the years I’ve heard a woman say, “I was bad…  I ate such and such.”   I have trained myself out of that for the most part, but still struggle if I’m eating something I “shouldn’t.”  What an awful way to live…going through life feeling guilty about doing something that we must do every day…

What can I possibly say here that might help us learn to enjoy food more and stop feeling guilty? Well, I know for ME that it would help if I was normal weight. The last time I was really the right weight for my height and bone size was in my late 40’s and early 50’s — right before menopause hit.  Back then I ate great food most of the time, but regular food — normal breakfasts, sandwiches for lunch, and dinner with potatoes and so forth.  Pasta!  Regular good food. And I worked out a few days a week — just 20 minutes on my stationary bike and a few strength things on the floor — push ups and ab exercises. That was it.

Then I passed 51 or so and I put on a lot of weight and have basically been flailing about since then.  A gazillion diets, a gazillion diet books, and anger when I simply want to enjoy a stupid donut!  I didn’t used to have to live like this.

So here’s what I’m thinking.  (I’ve said this before but)  once and for all, I need to lose this weight, get to a spot on the scale where I feel OK (it doesn’t have to be as tiny as I was — I won’t know where I’m comfortable until I get there) and maintain the weight loss.  Here’s where I give a nod to the person who first said “easier said than done,” and another nod to the person who first said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

As I’ve said other places here, I’ve discovered that the Slow Carb Diet really works for me. I’m full, get to eat a lot and lose fat. So my plan is to begin on this road. I went to my doctor yesterday and she has ordered all the blood tests so that I can see how my numbers improve as I lose weight. I’ve taken my body measurements and (OMG) taken pictures of myself — front and side. So, on a wing and a prayer, I’ve begun the process I’ve outlined at Slow Carb HQ First StepsI hope you’ll join me!


July 26, 2011        Fat After 50?        Is Slow Carb Diet the answer?

I was pretty much normal weight for all of my adult life until I hit 51-52 years old. Then, without any “lifestyle” changes, I started putting on fat and became a chubby person.

I have good days and bad days with my weight. Some days it’s OK and I’m just “me.” Other days, I’m  a big, fat slob.  One thing that never changes, though, is my desire to be thin again and slide back into those small jeans. BOY that felt good, back in the day!

It’s been particularly disheartening lately as I’ve read Gary Taubes’ books and learned that the medical profession and “weight loss experts” have not been telling us the truth for all these years.  Eating less and exercising more does not work for many of us. It just doesn’t. And there are seriously researched reasons for that and solutions to the problem that have been deliberately withheld or pooh-poohed when people like Dr. Robert Atkins and Drs. Michael and Mary Day Eades got close…

I can imagine that it’s nearly impossible, when you’ve dedicated your life to being an expert in a field and find that you’ve been wrong, to just up and admit it. Our whole being gets rolled up in these identity things…  I’ve seen well known medical experts get very testy on TV when confronted by Gary Taubes and the results of his research.

It’s also curious, though, to keep track of these same people and watch the new information creeping into what they have to say. VERY cool!

I went from Taubes’ books to Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Body. I tried Tim’s version of the Slow Carb Diet a few months ago and was incredibly successful, during a time when I was getting no exercise as I waited for hip replacement surgery.

So I’m here to tell you that THIS really is the answer for many of us. Slow carb eating is pretty easy and does produce weight loss. So if you’ve tried a few of the huge number of diets that are out there and not met with success — or just couldn’t go on eating that way for long — I strongly suggest you try this.

You can eat a lot of the things that are forbidden on other diets…   And Tim Ferriss’ version of this diet has a Cheat Day built into every week.

The only other time I gained weight in my life was when I quit smoking and put on 25 pounds overnight. Back then I joined Weight Watchers, divided what they said I could eat into 6 meals (half now, the other half in 2 hours) AND built in a cheat meal every Saturday.  THAT was not sanctioned by WW, but enabled me to keep going and get rid of the 25 pounds. So I “get” having a cheat day.  Welcome to (Slow Carb) Diet Heaven!


July 19, 2011   What to do?  What to do?

“The regular and “irreversible” cycles of aging that we witness in the later stages of human life may be a product of certain assumptions about how one is supposed to grow old. If we didn’t feel compelled to carry out these limiting mindsets, we might have a greater chance of replacing years of decline with years of growth and purpose.”– Dr. Ellen Langer, Harvard psychology, author of Mindfulness

“The women who lifted weights changed…  After one year of strength training, their bodies  were fifteen to twenty years more youthful.  -Miriam Nelson, Tufts University, author of Strong Women Stay Young

Both these quotes speak directly to the quest I am on. So if you’re 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 or 90!  Listen up…

What can each of us do to ensure (minus getting hit by a truck) that we will be living strong, healthy and vital lives into our 90’s and beyond?  The easy general answers are:  eat well, exercise, take a few supplements, keep your weight normal, see your doctor once a year, get enough sleep, enjoy your family, have friends and some kind of spiritual connection that feeds your soul…

But how do we find the specific things to do, the specific foods to eat, exercises to do, supplements to take? Who do we listen to? This quest is in large part why I started this website — because I’ve been reading all the books for over 30 years and have some ideas.

On my bookshelves are vegan books, vegetarian books and “eat as much meat as you can” books — and everything in-between. I’ve been on Weight Watchers, The Engine 2 Diet (vegan), tried vegetarianism, Atkins, Protein Power, The Zone and South Beach.  And I’ve read all the books on these diets and more.

They all say that on their eating plan you will have incredible energy and feel better than you have in years,  and lose weight to boot! And here’s what I’m guessing… I’m guessing that each of these eating plans is perfect for some people.  One of my closest friends is a strict vegetarian and she has more energy in any day than I will ever have!  I have another close friend who eats the SAD (Standard American Diet) and is on the go all day every day. Maybe they could switch diets and continue with the same vigor, but I kind of doubt it…

I also have friends and family who passed that 50th birthday and didn’t gain an ounce. AND, as I’m sure you can imagine, I have friends and family who hit 50 and have never been the same! I am in the latter group. Chubby for the first time in my life.  Woe…

After over 15 years of trying this and that, I’ve come to some conclusions as to what works for me.  And that’s what I’m sharing here. Maybe it will work for you, too…  I hope so.  I’m betting that if you’re reading this, you one of “us” — people who want to wring every bit of joy and purpose out of life… and want to be healthy while you do that…


(Below is a reprint of my first Newsletter — Since I only had about 6 people on my mailing list when it came out!    Things are improving now…   Sign up!  Come on…)


July 12, 2011   Starting Again…

So today I’m going to talk about Starting Again. One of the things I learned as I got older is that failure doesn’t have to be permanent and starting again is a very wise move and almost always possible. And as you might imagine, I’m in the process of Starting Again.

Last August I moved to Philadelphia, as my Retirement Adventure. In the process, I blew out my left hip — the family arthritis taking its toll. So I then spent several months not moving much, heading for a hip replacement.

The hip was replaced on February 25th by a handsome and competent surgeon (I was pleased with both of those attributes! ) and I’m just about back to normal. But…

Sitting around the house and eating comfort food to ease my “here I am in Philadelphia and I can hardly walk, let alone build a life” feelings, I ate my share of mashed potatoes, donuts, bread, pizza, take-out cheeseburgers and fries and on and on… I know (know) that this is a sure-fire way for my body to put on fat, but I also knew (and experienced) that I felt so much better having those things to eat. And because, for people like me, this becomes a true physical addiction, I am now craving sugary things and starchy things right and left. And I’ve put on weight.

Me — the Slow Carb advocate! But I had learned at my Dad’s elbow that taking a sweet cake donut and putting a little butter on every bite was heaven. I had learned by my Mother’s side that eating can fix almost anything… So here I was. Again.

Prior to my move, I had been working out regularly with weights and was in the best shape of my life — learning (as Miriam Nelson says in her books) that age is no hindrance to working out with weights and getting very strong.

So this week, I began again. Slowly eliminating the food that makes my body fat and slowly beginning to work out again. I set small goals for myself and managed to meet most of them. In starting again, close is good enough for me. Expecting perfection throws me off, big-time. Maybe that’s true for you, too… So many of us aim for perfection and then beat ourselves up when we don’t have a perfect outcome. Really, close is good enough…

So I hope you’ll join me — at any point — Starting Again, Continuing, or Beginning. I’ll keep going now and keep the website as helpful to you as possible — active and informative.


This is totally off topic of health and weight loss, but an incredibly heartwarming story that I just HAVE to pass along to readers here.

Never Too Old For Love


Apr 3, 2011   Surfing the Web to see what Low Carb-Slow carb sites have to offer…

In the process I came across the screaming sites that claim that carbs (refined) are harmless and don’t cause any physical problems. And so many people talk about “research” but don’t site any studies except to describe them in the post, which doesn’t help to verify the information.

I’ve been reading diet books for years and they ALL claim the same stuff — lower cholesterol and weight loss. I can claim to know from experience two things:  I did a Vegan diet for one full month a year ago and lost no weight.  I ate Slow Carb for two weeks  — high fat, protein, vegetables and beans — and lost 5 pounds. For FACTS on all of this, I still trust Gary Taubes, Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Meanwhile, I’m in the process of organizing information for an e-Book to try to bring together all the things that women like me (past menopause and chubby – smile) might want to know about this dilemma we face and things I’ve found that work really well. I’m excited about writing the e-Book and you’ll see it here in a few months — or however long it takes me to do this. I really have no idea since I’ve never done it before. Please let me know if there’s anything you think I should include!

Mar 27, 2011 Observations on a book I really like 

I’ve been reading diet books, nutrition books, health books, and exercise books for over 30 years.  A few years ago a book came out that really interested me so I did what I do which is go online and order it.

Gary Taubes has made his living as a science writer and has delved into many areas of study. In the early 2000’s he became interested in “what is the truth about fat gain and fat loss” and did his usual research for a few years and then wrote a book — Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health (Vintage) which came out in 2007.

The book is not written for the casual reader. It’s a real slog, heavily footnoted and scientific. I like that kind of stuff so I didn’t mind working my way through it — and have done that a few times now.

Now, this guy was writing a book to make some money — that’s what he does for a living — but I can’t help but think that he has fewer dogs in the race than the people who write diet books and make their living telling people how to lose weight.  It appears that he does not, himself, have a weight problem and was seeking “the truth.”

The book is particularly good at explaining the history of obesity and weight loss ideas. It’s eye-opening, to say the least. He also gets deeply into medical stuff, explaining how the human body works as we eat and digest food — and what different kinds of food have what affects on us. And talks about how the food we eat causes many of the diseases we’ve come to think are “normal” as we age.

He really knocked one of my all time favorite books — Jane Brody’s Good Food Book. I lived by that one in the late 80’s! And it’s still on my bookshelf. I’ll keep it for the wonderful Cornish Game Hen recipe and the salad with grapefruit and asparagus — a weird and delicious combination.

Consider taking the time to slog through this.  It’s worth it. You can find it on the Slow Carb Things I Like page and save 32% on the cover price.

Let me know what you think!

Mar 5, 2011   Observations on the latest Diet Book  and WELCOME…

I just did something I often do, which is go to and see what is new and selling well. It’s fun. Under books, I see there is a new Diet Book!  Surprise, surprise…  I’d never heard of the author so I looked around and found an interview with him AND the information that Dr. Phil has had him on.  Hmmm…

I need to tell you right up front that I have HUGE bias toward listening to people who have actually had the problem they claim to have a solution for. I get rankled when a naturally thin person tells me they have the answer to my chubbiness. I am aware enough to know that these people may well have a good idea, so I struggle against my bias — but it’s always there…

So the author of the new Diet Book is a good looking, 40-ish, buff guy.  Easy to look at.  And an M.D.  Someone who will never experience post-menopausal weight gain. So I write him off.  Not as a human being — and not even a human being who sincerely wants to help… But my bias kicks in. To be fair, I regroup and LISTEN to what he is saying to compare it with what I’ve learned after LIVING this and reading, probably 50 best-selling diet books and trying several of them.  He mentions calories and I zone out…  He mentions moderate exercise and I zone IN.  I finally click away from the video because there’s nothing new here.

Over my lifetime, one of the things I have valued most is when I describe a problem I am struggling with and the person I am talking to looks me in the eye and says, “I know.”   And I know that they do. That they’ve been there and they know.   It  is  such  a  comfort.

That’s the kind of community I want to build here. A group of people who really know what it’s like to gain weight and try to lose it and succeed and then fail and then succeed and then fail — people who know what that feels like…  I want us all to get to the “succeed” place and LIVE there for the rest of our lives.

Being overweight is so loaded in our culture.  I felt “fat” when I was 25 — and I look back at pictures of myself then and I was pretty.  Slim, curvy, nice looking…   But I didn’t know it.  Or enjoy it…

So we have the cultural thing to struggle against.  I want us, here, to work together, support each other and share what is working. I will be using and advising the Slow Carb way of eating because I’ve proven that it works for ME and I love it because you can eat a lot of food and lose weight. And not a big salad with lemon juice squeezed on it instead of real dressing!  Lots of nice, thin Diet Book Writers have advised that one!

If you’ve read my home page stuff, you’ll know that there is a lot of emerging information that contradicts what we’ve been told and come to believe in our bones — that to lose weight we must cut down on calories and increase exercise.  That’s certainly not always the answer.  I want us to explore that — and any other topic that supports normal weight and a healthy and long, active life. Nothing is off limits — except extremely colorful language and unkindness. 




  1. Wonderful post. Do you ever find yourself gettin paralysis from analysis from reading so many things? I like what you say about community.

    • Meredith says:

      Yes — it’s daunting to read the SAME claims for all different kinds of diets. I’ve zeroed in on “this is what works for ME” But I want to be knowledgeable, so I read it all. HAVE read it all over many years. All the books are here on my bookshelves. And yes, community is important… Thanks for your comment!

  2. This is a very long post but I really loved it. It inspired me to really pursue slow carb diet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. L. SUE says:

    Loved reading this, will be back for more…soon!!!

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