The Controversy

Slow Carb Diet — Low Carb Diet — Low Fat — High Protein — Low Calorie — Weight Watchers — Jenny Craig — Atkins — Vegetarianism — Balanced Diet……….

As we all know, there is great controversy about how we get fat, what “diets” work best — or work at all — and who has (drum roll, please)  The Answers.

The following two videos (below) are from a few years ago when Gary Taubes came out with his first book on fat gain and loss, Good Calories, Bad Calories, and was making the rounds promoting it. Taubes’  career has been as an investigative reporter researching and writing about scientific topics.

Here, he appears on Larry King, hosted by Joy Behar, with Mehmet Oz in the first segment and Andrew Weil and Jillian Michaels in the second.  Dr. Oz promotes his beliefs and book, Taubes talks about what he has discovered, Weil gives a review of the book and Michaels insists that what she does is what works. All in all, the national controversy in two video clips.  Enjoy — feel free to comment — and this discussion will continue.

For now, let me say that no two people are exactly alike and we react in different ways to food.  So I’m not sure there is ONE answer, but I do believe that a lot of what we’ve been told was self-serving in one way or another and that a healthy slow carb diet will truly help us defeat obesity.   To be continued…

Click to view these two videos:

Diet Debate: Part I

Diet Debate: Part II

I was first introduced to the Slow Carb idea after reading Timothy Ferriss‘ book, The 4-hour Work Week and beginning to follow his Blog.


You gotta see this!

Recently, Gary Taubes was on the Dr. Oz show, and if you watched the videos above, you know that Dr. Oz does not think Gary knows what he’s talking about. This article on the health benefits of low carb eating, from Gary’s Blog, is wonderful.  Enjoy…


And here is another take on this Oz/Taubes argument.  I honestly believe that it’s going to take a while for this to become known enough that many more people will benefit.


Also, it’s very important to note that many popular diet programs have helped millions lose weight. Obviously they work for many people. Most of them are healthy eating plans — we’re not talking about the “crazy” diets here…   Here at SCHQ we’ll be looking at those plans, too…



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