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To get a jump-start on the program — I am offering a FREE one-hour teleseminar with Philadelphia Life Coach, Susan Lebby Spector, M.A.   I know Susan and she is incredibly good at leading people through the maze of_______________  


Susan is a graduate of the CoachU–Life Coach Training Program, and a founding member of Coachville.  She has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the  University of Michigan and a B.A. in Psychology from Penn State University. She is a Graduate of The Family Institute of Philadelphia,  The School for Enlightenment and Healing, and has 35 years in clinical practice. She knows her stuff!


This teleseminar will address some of the psychological and emotional things that hold all of us back from being our best  —  things I am not equipped to teach, except in sharing my own experience with these __buggers_:-) ______we each struggle with from time to time.  Susan is a consummate  professional and can help you turn negative thought patterns into________ and prepare for massive life changes.  She is focused and there. You will get a lot in this hour!


Take the teleseminar before or during the first week you are on the program and you will be so well prepared for what follows.  I’m going to be teaching you how to change habits and how to take planned risks (in addition to actually discussing food and eating!) , but laying the groundwork for all this with Susan’s free teleseminar will be the perfect start.


TITLE:    Releasing What’s Weighing You Down, NOW 


  • Learn to turn your inner critic into your inner coach
  • Discover how to make your self- talk work for you
  • Uncover the hidden limiting beliefs that sabotage your success/progress




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