Hi…   Welcome to Week Two!


I hope you’ve done all or most of the steps in Week One. And how did it go with sugar?

I didn’t mention this last week but for those who drink them, sugary beverages have a lot of negatives. Most sugary drinks have very little nutritional value, and they don’t do a good job of filling you up. For example, 100 calories from apple juice would leave you hungrier than if you ate 100 calories worth of an actual apple. Therefore, you may be inclined to consume more “empty calories.”

Also, fruit juice is a high glycemic index food and shoots your blood sugar up fast. This is the prescription for weight gain and heading toward diabetes.

So please stay away from fruit juice, too…  Eat the whole fruit.  It’s better for you in so many ways.

And for beverages:

  • Plain old water
  • Flavored sparkling water 0 calorie —  with or without your added flavor
  • Coffee, tea (w/o sugar)  :-(
  • Diet soda/pop occasionally. There is some research that artificial sweeteners in excess can trigger the sugar addiction.



This program is designed for people who want to change their lives for the better, not just lose weight. So let’s get started on the LIFE part.



This week and next we will be doing exercises that will take some time but will focus you on your life as it’s been and as you want it to be.  This week you’ll fill in the Life Grid. Please download this and look it over right away so that your mind can start to reach back and remember things.

SCHQ-M Life Grid

(1) What we want to do here is get a good general idea of things you have accomplished in your life. Keep in mind that things that may seem like insignificant accomplishments to you (ex: school activities, wearing braces, “just to make some money” jobs held, your Junior Prom dress, getting your first baseball glove or musical instrument) may turn out to provide very important information. So if it comes to mind, write it down.

It is very important here to write down things that you enjoyed or felt neutral about. If you hated every minute of it, leave it out. If it was a mixed blessing, put it in and we can edit it out later. And if  “I survived 3rd grade with Mrs. McGillicuddy” was painful but a real triumph, write it down!

Take all the time you need for this. Go back to it again and again as things come to mind. Use extra sheets if you need to.

Now.  On the lines at the bottom, look back over your entire life and see if you can find a few (or many) times you felt real joy. Moments you’ll never forget. Even if they are listed above in the grid, re-write them here.

Also, I didn’t include a column for spiritual moments, but if you have those, add them, too.

(2) Once you’ve spent time to fill out this form with as many things as you can remember in the various categories, go back and look them over and pick out 4 or 5 or 6 events, accomplishments, relationships etc. that were meaningful or successful or a lot of fun… Write a paragraph or two about each of these things. Go back there and relive it on paper (or your computer screen).

Look over both the grid and the things you have written about and see if you see patterns.  What kind of people were you drawn to? What jobs or activities did you really love? What vacations or choices in leisure time were really fun? Is there a learning experience that was thrilling? Or did you avoid learning situations at all costs? :-)

And as a final important note, if doing this exercise stirred up some uncomfortable feelings, let me suggest that you talk to someone about these. It could turn out to be something that has been standing in your way. If you know a counselor or clergy member who can help, go see them.  Really.  It’s time for you.

If you don’t know anyone and can’t find a recommendation, Susan Lebby Spector, who does the free teleseminars for me, is an experienced Psychotherapist and Life Coach and often works by phone.  You can contact her at 215-487-2655 or at her website Life Coach For Life Change. She provides a 30 minute complimentary session. Contact her. She’s very easy to talk to and is truly in this to help people.


Health Track – Week Two


Our focus here is going to be on letting go of the carbohydrates that are causing weight gain or blocking weight loss. Last week we moved away from the sugar.   “Move away from the sugar!”   This week we are going to talk about all things flour, and white carbs.

One of my favorite things is Tuna-Noodle Casserole. And who doesn’t love a big plate of spaghetti or a fat sandwich on a long sub roll?  So let me say here and now, that we are NOT giving these things up forever.  Once we are at our best weight and fit, we can enjoy these things on occasion, with forethought and afterthought — meaning, we will be doing it consciously.

But for today,  we need to let go of bread, pasta and all foods made with refined flour. Crackers, breadsticks, hot dog buns, packaged snacks made with flour, and so on. Read ingredient labels. And refer back to Slow Carb HQ and read the article on carbohydrate addiction!  We need to break this, lose weight, and then add back some of the foods we love. Are you with me?

If you can also break away from potatoes and rice, all the better. For now, these foods are just not good for us.

And if you must eat bread, try Ezekial Bread which is flourless and has a glycemic index of 38. You can always find it at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and today many supermarket chains also carry it in the freezer section of the “health foods” aisle.


So.   You’re going to take a good look at your life and fill in the grid provided above, do the writing after the grid is finished, and you’re going to move away from bread, pasta, crackers, and rice and potatoes…



                                     See you next week.       Meredith



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