Post-Menopausal Weight Gain

Slow Carb Breakfast!


Those of us who have passed menopause and suddenly discovered that we can’t keep extra weight off, have had a mighty struggle with our body image, how we  feel in our clothes and our self-esteem. Going from a size 8 or 10, to a 12,14,16,18 is a horrible shock. Some of us have taken a traditional diet approach, joined a gym and gotten some control over this process. Many of us have tried this or that and either not met with much success or gained the weight right back as soon as we ate normally again.  We feel defensive sometimes, when people seem to think that we’ve suddenly started to eat more. Normally, we haven’t. A complex change in our hormones has caused us to suddenly store food as fat.

Here is an article that explains that pretty well. And as you might guess, I believe theSlow Carb way of eating will be an effective cure.

You can also check the books I’ve listed here. I’ve read them and highly recommend them. They provide background information and serious research that can help us lose this fat we’ve accumulated and get super healthy.


Many of us, too, have osteoporosis in our families and need to keep track of our bone density as we get past our early 50’s. One of my Aunts was living life large into her 70’s — dancing, taking trips, being constantly active and engaged…   One night she was coming home from one of her “events” and slipped on the ice and broke a hip. She died in the hospital after a short while…  So we all need to take heed and keep tabs on our bone density and take precautions to keep bone health. Weight bearing exercise is GREAT for this.  And here’s a product that a friend has had GREAT success with. They offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work, so I’m not sending you out into the wilderness…  

And from my own experience:

I have been using bio-identical hormones for several years. These are prescribed by a doctor (OB/GYN) and the prescription exactly matches what my body needs, determined by blood work. The Rx is filled at a Compounding Pharmacy and the hormones come in the form of a cream — and therefore enter the body through the skin.   Simple.   Easy.

These are natural hormones — biologically matching what the human body produces, as opposed to the Big Pharma hormones, which are extracted from pregnant mare’s urine — yes, pregnant horse’s urine. I don’t even want to THINK about what those horses must go through AND how many of them are “used” to make a gazillion pills…

You can find out more about all this in a book I recommend. And if you have any questions for me, PLEASE leave a comment. I check for comments every day.


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