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I’ve not needed to use this myself, but I have a close friend who has had serious bone loss since menopause, and nothing reversed it until she tried THIS product. Her next DexaScan showed MORE bone density for the first time in years. So I’m putting it here, even though it’s not related, per se, to Slow Carb, because it IS related to longevity and a healthy active life.

Vitamin Code Grow Bone System


Garden of Life – Grow Bone System, 240 capsules



Bio-Identical Hormone Information


Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained

Product Description

It’s been more than a decade since Dr. Jonathan Wright introduced the concept of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with the book Natural Hormone Replacement for Women Over 45 (Wright JVW, Morgenthaler J. Smart Publications, 1997), at a time when only a handful of clear thinking, knowledgeable doctors had ever heard about bio-identical hormones. Many women first learned the truth about HRT and BHRT from that first book; others later heard about it from TV celebrity Suzanne Somers, who described her personal experiences with a different version of BHRT in the first of a series of books. But the real stampede away from HRT and toward BHRT began in 2002 with the premature termination of a large, government-funded study-the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI)-the results of which confirmed that the risks of conventional HRT unquestionably outweighed its benefits. In their new updated book, /Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained/, authors Wright and Lenard have brought to light many examples of forgotten or ignored scientific studies combined with up-to-date clinical experience that provide solid support for the safety and benefits of BHRT.



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