New Weight – NEW LIFE !

In what important ways would you like your life to be different a year from now… and how is YOUR WEIGHT holding you from that?


How much weight do you need to lose to feel REALLY good about yourself?  I know what “they” say — “they” say we need to feel good about ourselves at our present weight before we can really do something about it. Let’s skip that step. Four years of therapy or a good, solid diet and the right kind of support from people just like you?  The diet and support is cheaper,  faster, and, honestly, more fun…

I can’t tell you the number of times in the last 15 years that I’ve gone on a job interview or met someone new, or needed to give a good impression for a job reason and could hardly get my mind off how fat I felt and how that probably would cause a bad outcome…  And this is all somewhat new to me…

I’m one of the people who had a fairly easy time staying thin until I reached 51-52.  Since then I’ve been chubby, or fat and have been on several diets — with some success but no permanent change.  I sit here today almost back up to my “all time high,” and determined to head back down again.

How can I do this?  How can I help YOU do this?  I actually have some good answers.

First there’s all the new evidence that the “eat less and exercise more” diet story we’ve been told for years is actually not all that effective.  Check out several of the articles on this site and/or read books by Gary Taubes and Tim Ferris.  I’ll tell you, I’ve eaten my LAST salad with lemon juice squeezed on it and my last skinless chicken breast. There’s a better and much more delicious way!

Secondly, the new fat loss information can help us find eating and lifestyle plans that are easy to follow and, most importantly, easy to make a lifelong habit.  You’ll eat real food and you won’t be hungry. I know a lot of diets promise that — I’ve read the books and tried the diets — but this really is different and better.  Read the research.

The Change Your Life, Change Your Body plan that is offered here will provide you with all you need to head toward the life and the body of your dreams. No more feeling self-conscious,  worried about health, or letting the chubbies hold you back.

Further, I love this online thing and am loving having a website — Oprah would say I’m “living my best life.”  And to open it up to help people like myself overcome the “overfat” problem and get closer to their dream life sounds like a really wonderful use of my time.

As you can read here, I tried the Slow Carb Diet for 2 weeks a year ago before I had hip replacement surgery. Getting next-to-no-exercise because I could hardly walk,  I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks and was never hungry. There’s a mental adjustment to get through, giving up some foods for a time, but that’s doable, especially with help. And we will have help.

Your future?

So where would you like to be a year from now in your life?  Exactly — where?   A new job/career?  A great relationship?  School?   Just a peaceful and enriching life?  What?    Dream a bit…  Think it through.     I used to teach a class helping people figure out what they REALLY wanted from life and how to get there. We’ll do that here while we lose weight, get strong, and feel good about ourselves again.

It’s also important to note here that this site solidly supports people who want to be healthy, focused, living the life of their dreams — but who don’t necessarily want to lose weight.   Mixed message?  Yes.  But it’s a viable option to follow the steps of this program, keep your weight steady, but become fit and healthy and heading toward the life you’ve always wanted.       Book- Health at Every Size


Now let’s get started!





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