Let’s Get “Slow Carb” Started!


The first thing, of course, is that we have to face facts.  Not easy…  For instance, I have two mirrors here that I see myself in — the bathroom mirror (face and shoulders) and the bedroom make-up mirror (head).  So it’s pretty easy for me to kid myself about what I really look like.  And it’s a good idea for us to have a starting point noted — what we actually look like, our weight, measurements, and bodyfat percentage.  I’ll show you how to get all this done.


 Let’s look at where we’ve been…


Before and Now

Before and Now


So we have a how we used to look when we were younger and thin.

An  how we look today.




We want to move again — back to somewhere near where we were when we were younger.


Strong. Energetic. Healthy.

 And if you’ve always struggled with extra weight? Come on down!

This will help you.


So here is an empty picture frame — WAITING for your AFTER Picture!


The New YOU


All this picture stuff may seem silly to some of you — but I want you to have a VISION of where you are going to be in your future “NOW.”  We need two things to motivate us — a little disgust at where we’ve come to — and some serious idea of where we want to be.  So give those two things some thought today…   And maybe go out and buy yourself a cool picture frame…

So what’s next?


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