First Steps


It’s always a really good idea to have old numbers and new numbers. So as the first steps to changing the way we eat so that the positive vision we have of our body and our life will come to be, let’s collect some old numbers. The new numbers are in the future and will be wonderful…

(1) Weight is easy. Step onto the scale and weigh yourself. And make sure as we go along that you use the SAME scale to keep track of your progress, and weigh yourself on the same day at the same time each day or week.

(2) There will be times as we go along when we won’t lose weight but we will get smaller. For that reason, taking measurements is really important. If you have someone to help you, a regular old tape-measure will work. If you don’t, this little item will do the job of another two hands: MyoTape Body Tape MeasureBody Fat Monitors) You’ll want to measure your head (KIDDING!) — your upper arms, waist, hips and mid thighs. There will be weeks when you don’t lose an ounce but your measurements will go down. That will make a nice difference and balance the lack of weight loss for that week.

(3) As it turns out, getting our body fat percentage is not all that hard anymore. You can get gadgets like these: Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat and Body Composition MonitorBody Fat Monitors) Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor, BlackBody Fat Monitors) Or you can have this measurement taken at a fitness center or gym, should you belong to one.   However you do it, don’t skip this step. You will be amazed at how thrilling it is to see this number go down!

(4) And now……   we really need a couple of pictures, as in “how you look today.”  This will be part of the emotional “facing the truth” that will spur you on to success.  So get out your digital camera or camera-phone when no-one is around and take a front and side picture of yourself in a bathing suit or underwear. Thanks.

(5) Next — make an appointment with your doctor and have some blood tests done. You’ll want to have a full blood work-up, including fasting blood glucose, potassium level, liver and kidney function tests, uric acid and a lipid profile — triglycerides, cholesterol (HDL and LDL).  It’s a good idea to get a Thyroid Panel done, too — checking both T3 and T4. And many of us have low Vitamin D levels. Have that checked, too. And while we’re on the subject of visiting your doctor, you may realize from reading the news reports and other articles on this site that the medical profession has not yet let go of their belief in “less calories, more exercise” as the way to lose weight — nor have many doctors realized that eating fat does not cause blocked arteries. So you may need to tread carefully — depending on how easy it is to talk to your particular doctor.

(6) So we’ve amassed some data.  Now we need to do some thinking and writing. Tim Ferriss cited some research in one of his books that indicated that we are more motivated by potential loss than potential reward. So on the chance that this is true, I think we need to really consider what the course of our life will look like if we don’t do anything to lose some fat and get into shape — if we let “nature take its course.” It would be a pretty safe bet that blood work would worsen and end in disease…the diseases of civilization — diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer…  Joints would begin to fail from weight and overuse. Maybe a cane or a walker will be needed, just to do normal things…  Diabetes means checking blood sugar all the time and possibly injecting insulin and coping with kidney disease…  And it goes on…  And, please, don’t just think about this stuff — write it down. That’s important.  If you stay at your current weight and state of health (or gain weight), how will that play out in your life?  Really?

Lots of psychologists and self-help gurus disagree with Tim’s statement above and think that aiming for the perfect vision of what we want our life to be is what motivates us best. So we also need to think about and write down exactly how our dream life would look — how you will look, where you will live, money in the bank, vacations, career, children — whatever it is that you’d find thrilling to be living.

I remember reading somewhere that “will power” will get us through a few days, but not a big life change. So the steps laid out here are very important to move us in the direction of “making a decision in our bones” to get this fixed.  Support is also important and that will be offered in the Membership Program – big time. In the meantime, buy your picture frame :-) and take care of the six items above. We’re on our way!

Above are the beginning steps of the New Weight, New Life Member Site.  It is an online Membership with all the information you need to create a LIFE that will serve you for years and years to come. Of course, we will work on changing our eating to create excellent health and normal weight. But if there’s something in your LIFE you want to change, this program will give you all the tools you need to do that, too.

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  1. Pat says:

    I have been fat for years and have tryed everything short of having my mouth sewed closed and I do not even think that would work for me. Please help me!!

    • Meredith says:

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m working now to get the membership part of the site up — which will present an 8 week program covering a lot of things that are involved in getting to a normal weight and a good life. There may be something there for you. It’ll be up and going in a week or so… The low carb, slow carb diet really does work to lose fat.

      Take care… Meredith

  2. clynn says:

    A week or so ago I started a low carb diet and am feeling better already but I am not so sure I can make it a permanent lifestyle. I really think slow carb will work best. Am looking forward to your program. I had hip surgery this summer and need to get the weight off for good. Thanks for your willingness and energy to help myself and others like me.

    • Meredith says:

      C Lynn… Thanks for your comment. I, too, have had hip surgery in the past year and gained weight hobbling around waiting for surgery, so I really know what you mean.

      And I found your comment right away because today I am working on the technical stuff to get the Program up and running. It’s over my head — well, not quite, but my brain doesn’t love this part of the website thing. I like the writing and interacting with people. Be that as it may, I hope to have everything working in a week or so.

      And — as for the permanent lifestyle comment — I know… That’s why I love Tim Ferriss’ version of Slow Carb. You get to eat whatever you want once a week. Many years ago when I quit smoking and put on weight, I joined Weight Watchers to lose it and could only stick to that because I promised myself whatever I wanted for lunch every Saturday! And I did lose that weight, too! So I think “building in” what we call cheating is just SMART!

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