Take Out and Delivery Diets

Established diets that are offered as alternatives to the Slow Carb Diet:

Take-out and Delivery – For Weight Loss

Why do people order take-out or delivery? Because it’s easy –no cooking, cleaning, and lots of options. Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem use this idea to craft their diets. By incorporating the ease of take-out and delivery into a diet, these plans feel it will be easier for users to follow and stay on track of their weight loss goals.

Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig operates under the premise that personalization and support is what most diets are lacking.  The three pillars of the Jenny Craig plan are calorie-restricted healthy eating, exercise and, most importantly, one-on-one support.

People on Jenny Craig, including celebrities such as Carrie Fisher, Valerie Bertinelli and Jason Alexander, can access their ‘Personal Consultants’ in person at one of Jenny Criag’s ‘centres’, or over the phone through their ‘Jenny Craig at Home’ plan. The consultation are designed to not only provide moral support and keep you accountable, but to help you craft a weight loss plan that is completely personalized – with the food you like, the exercise that is right for your body.

The food plan consists of three meals and one snack per day, either picked up from a Jenny Craig ‘centre’ or delivered to your home. The meals are designed around the USDA food pyramid and dietary guidelines, supplemented with your own perishable items such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eventually, you will work with your consultant to stop the pre-made meals and begin your own meal planning and cooking.

With all of this guidance and personal attention, Jenny Craig is one of the more expensive diet plans out there.  However, Jenny Craig believes that this same guidance and personal attention is the ultimate answer for weight loss – and thus worth the money.


Nutrisystem thinks that most diets are too complicated and time-consuming to follow, and that its “no brainer” approach will guarantee results healthfully and easily. You don’t have to go to meetings, centers or consultations, count points or calories, or even prepare most of your own meals – you just choose your food online or by phone, and Nutrisystem delivers three meals and one snack per day straight to your door.

Unlike Jenny Craig’s calorie-restriction emphasis, Nutrisystem’s uses the Glycemic Index to design their meals.  As you have read elsewhere on this site, the Glycemic Index promotes eating ‘good carbs’ or, carbs that are digested more slowly, regulating hunger, energy and fat collection. Boasting a large variety of pre-made meals and snacks, Nutrisystem users supplement their home-delivered meals with their own perishable items.

Counseling and professional support are available, but not emphasized.  The main focus of the Nutrisystem diet is to take the guesswork out of healthy eating, and ultimately, weight loss. For the long term, the idea is that as you receive your delivered food, you will learn how you should portion your food, the types of food to eat and how often to eat to eliminate cravings – eventually preparing you to go off the plan.

Nutrisystem has its own celebrity clients, like Marie Osmond, Dan Marino, and Angie Everhart. By signing up for this diet, users look forward to a diet that, by and large, lacks the ‘hassles’ of choosing, buying and cooking the food that they need to lose weight.






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