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Dieting can be such a drag.  You want to look good and be healthy, but it’s sometimes difficult to keep yourself on track. The whole purpose of Weight Watchers and The Spark diets are to keep you motivated so that you don’t fall off the wagon. Or if you do fall off, to provide plenty of friendly people to help you back on.

Weight Watchers

A lot of diets boast that they have no points to count, nor weekly meetings with public weigh-ins. Yet these are what Weight Watchers (WW) is traditionally famous for, and has used for 45 years to help people – most recently, Jennifer Hudson – successfully lose weight. Instead of tracking calories, WW users track the allegedly more straightforward ‘Points’, which are calculated for them based on the make-up of foods (calories, fat, sodium, vitamins, etc.).

Recently WW launched the Points Plus system, so that instead of being able to eat all your daily points from chocolate cake if you so desire, you need to concentrate those points on Power Foods. With Power Foods like whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy and all the fruits and veggies you can eat, WW says you will feel more full on less points.

The other major part of WW are the group support meetings. Yes, they contain the infamous weigh-ins, but WW feels that the support and peer guidance of these meetings are essential to keep users on track. Led by ‘role models’ (people who have already lost weight with WW), these meetings cover topics like food choices and nutrition, along with exercise and other healthy behaviors.  For those deathly afraid of the weigh-ins, WW now offers an online program, but the peer ‘cheerleaders’ are what WW feels are necessary for success.

The Spark

Recently released, The Spark, a book by Chris Downie, covers a range of positive life changes . However, years before the book he created, an internet-based weight loss website. It’s bottom line, echoed in the book, is that people fail at diets because they try too much at once, fail to meet unreachable goals, and give up.

Can’t give up sweets cold turkey? Can’t do an hour of cardio 5 days a week? Downie says don’t even try it. He maintains that the key to sustained weight loss, and positive life changes in general, is to have a long term focus, but with small achievable goals. To cut down your sugar intake, start by drinking one less soda per day. Start your exercise regimen with ten minutes of cardio per day. These are small ‘SparkStreaks’ that get you motivated and feed your self esteem – and soon you will become your own cheerleader.

The idea is that, for example, once you realize you can do 10 minutes of cardio per day, you’ll feel so good about your achievement that you will be ‘sparked’ to increase your workouts. Additionally, has a ton of tools to plan your SparkStreaks, track your nutrition and fitness, and, very importantly, connect with like-minded people in ‘SparkTeams’ for even further motivation.

There are SparkTeams for every type of person – from “Night Shift Workers Unite” to “Hula Hoop All-Stars” – so you can be supported in your weight loss by true kindred spirits.  With an inspirational book, your inner cheerleader, and supportive online friends, Downie feels you can’t help but feel the “Spark.”

And at Slow Carb HQ

Both of these diets provide something that is essential to life change and weight loss — support.  Here at Slow Carb HQ, we plan to join them in offering as much help as we possibly can for people who find the Slow Carb way of eating to be “the answer” to a lifelong, or post-age-50 weight gain that has stubbornly persisted through diet after diet.  After diet…


















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