The Sweets Diets

And yet more diets the world offers as alternatives to the Slow Carb Diet:

Many people hate going on diets because they can no longer indulge their sweet tooth with candies and pastries. The following two diets, however, encourage eating goodies – which they make with what they claim to be special formulas that will keep you feeling full and losing weight.


The Slim-Fast diet aims at controlling calories by providing you with food products that are low on calories, but are designed to keep you full and satisfied. They recently came out with the ‘3-2-1’ plan, whereby consumers eat 3 snacks, 2 meal replacement shakes, and 1 balanced meal per day. Although they do not market it as such, the meal replacement shakes are eerily similar to chocolate or vanilla milk, and their snack bars could almost be mistaken for sugary granola bars. Slim-Fast allows that some of your 3 snacks could be fruit, veggies or nuts, however, the guarantee for their own products is that they will keep you full for at least 4 hours. Plus, given the choice between celery and Slim-Fasts’ “Double Dutch Chocolate Bar,” the choice may seem obvious to those who are drawn to the ‘sweets’ side of the diet. Slim-Fast users purportedly have flexibility in the plan to choose among the Slim-Fast products, now even offering meal replacement bars and shake powders. The plan stipulates that the one balanced meal per day be around 500 calories, with ½ of your plate comprising vegetables, ¼  starch and ¼ protein.  But even with all the sweets, Slim-Fast packs its products with fiber, protein and other nutrients, designed to not only make you feel full but give you the nutrients you need.


The Cookie Diet


Created by Dr. Sanford Siegel in 1975, the original Cookie Diet is exactly what it sounds like – eat cookies to lose weight. In one fell swoop, Dr. Siegel’s diet aims to cure what he feels is the reason most diets fail: people feel hungry all the time, and they aren’t allowed to eat sweet treats. The cookies are specially designed to keep hunger at bay – in fact, the diet stipulates that you eat six or nine (depending on the plan you chose) of these cookies per day to ward off hunger.  Plus, being cookies, they are supposedly enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. Like Slim-Fast, the plan includes one ‘normal’ meal per day, which should follow USDA dietary guidelines and contain around 500-700 calories. Before starting the plan, Dr. Siegel stresses the importance of consulting a physician. Once cleared by a medical professional, users order a four week ‘starter kit’ – which contains a variety pack of cookies, a cookbook and a guide book to follow and a meal plan. The cookies are 60 calories each, are vegetarian, kosher and ‘all natural,’ and feature a special protein powder that, unlike other cookie diets (and there are others), guarantees Dr. Siegel’s followers will not feel hungry or deprived.



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