The Slow Carb Diet Can Change Your Life

Beans and Sausages! - Slow Carb!

If low fat/low calorie diets have failed you over and over again (that’s right, the diets have failed YOU, you haven’t failed them) it may be that your body isn’t built to efficiently process carbs. If this is the case, cutting fat and calories can be horrible. You have slumps in energy, shaky hands and weakness if you’ve gone too long without eating, extra weight and poor health. People may see your extra weight and judge you as being lazy. YOU may judge yourself for being overweight. Your doctor may look at your poor physical results and tell you that you aren’t trying hard enough.

But, as Gary Taubes says in Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, it’s not you! Or at least, not your mind and your willpower. Some people can process carbs just fine, and if they gain weight it is rare and  it IS their fault. However, YOU, even by being on this site, want to be slim and healthy. Practically starving yourself and having all the willpower in the world won’t make you thinner or healthier – if you using the wrong strategy for your body!

So how can a Slow Carb Diet change all this?

If you have an intolerance for carbs, a slow carb diet will allow you to reap the many benefits  that a  low-fat/low–cal diet did not deliver.

End your  ‘War on Food’: Do you hate that feeling of being unable to stop eating? It’s a physical addiction to carbs, and by cutting back you can make that out-of-control feeling disappear. Slow Carb can also decrease your preoccupation with food by eliminating calorie counting – say goodbye to analyzing every single thing you put into your mouth!

Increased Energy: Sugars and starches are not reliable sources of energy – like a fickle friend, they’re gone before they can do you much good. Energy from slow-burning carbs (see other articles for details), proteins and healthy fats will give you a steady, long-lasting burn rather than a flash in the pan followed by complete darkness.

Feelin’ All Right: Sugar crashes can cause crabbiness. Say goodbye to your inner grouch and hello to a steady happy mood.

Say goodbye to hunger: The same energy-producing qualities in the foods that make up a slow carb diet will even out your hunger level. Feel the freedom from mid-morning stomach growls!

Feast for the taste-buds: Eat eggs, (unsweetened) peanut butter and avocados without feeling guilty! Once your physical dependence and your cravings are gone, you won’t even miss the stuff that used to make you sick, especially since there is so much delicious food to replace it!

Be your doctor’s model patient: Look forward to a long and healthy life with low cholesterol, low blood pressure, low risks for diabetes and heart disease – how great would that be for your peace of mind?

Look like a winner: A healthy weight is often seen as an indicator of strength of character and mind – and this time it would be true! You are committed to your slow carb lifestyle and it shows!

Control, health, happiness, and a svelte body – so much sweeter than any cupcake imaginable! A Slow-Carb Diet can truly change your life for the better!

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