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Welcome To Sane Weight Loss

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Hi… I’m Meredith


WELCOME to the website for all of us who have gained weight, particularly post-age-50, and just can’t seem to get rid of it. To acquaint yourself with what is offered here, it would be good scroll down and read the articles below first, and then go to the  News page and browse through some of the reports that are linked on that page.

And if you’ve gotten hooked on donuts, bear claws (my particular favorite), cookies, and other sweet or refined carb foods, do read the article linked below — this really can be an addiction.  We are not crazy!

LINK — Carbohydrates are Addictive.

This site will continue to post the most recent news and reports on how we get fat and what we can do to lose the fat and get fit and healthy. The “eat less and exercise more” thing we’ve been told doesn’t work for many of us. If that’s you, come back often and feel free to comment. I check comments every day and will respond. Let’s get a conversation going here that will support all of us as we deal with this once and for all.


I have just discovered and read two books that are REALLY a  must before we even try to begin a weight loss plan. I honestly can’t recommend these enough!

Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get Fat by Greg Kuhn and Jumpstart Your Metabolism by Pam Grout.

These books are so helpful in getting our head in the right place — and we all know that if your head is not in this game, it’s simply not going to work. 


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