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What do we know?

Slow carb, low carb, low calorie, low fat,  Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig…  The list is endless. Everywhere we turn, every single day, on TV, in magazines, on the radio, online, and on the side of a bus, we are reminded that we need to DO something about these extra pounds. Well, that’s about to end.

Yes, Virginia…  there is additional information on this topic. And it will be of ultimate value to all of us who have struggled with extra weight, and therefore, often, poor health.

So it’s not just another diet site…  I know, I know, everyone says this. But look around and I think you’ll notice big differences.

Calories don’t count!

For many years, our news media, our doctors and nutritionists, our workout coaches, and our friends and neighbors have told us that the way to weight loss is to cut calories consumed and exercise more than we have been. This is now “common knowledge,” even though it is NOT true. You’ll have a hard time believing that, I’m certain. I mean, it’s just common sense!  You eat too much food and you put on weight — you exercise and eat less and you lose weight.

But that’s NOT what is really happening. And what is really happening (and understanding that) will enable those of us who have lost and gained weight forever, worried about our health, blood pressure, and cholesterol to finally get off that merry-go-round and live free from all the mental and physical problems that counting calories and jumping up and down on a trampoline have brought into our lives. It’s about Low Carb and Slow Carb. You may have said at some point, “I just LOOK at food and I gain weight!”  or ” Since I hit 50 I can’t seem to lose weight like I used to.”   This site will provide you with 70 years of research that has been withheld from us for various reasons — good and bad — and help you deal with this “fat” problem once and for all.

It’s about FAT, not WEIGHT

Fat gain and fat loss are complex operations that take place in our body as we process the food we eat. It’s a lot more complicated than the “calories and exercise” story we’ve been told.  Genes, hormones, age, and other factors conspire to make us a person who gains weight easily and cannot lose it — or a person who stays lean for life, without much, or any, effort.  We hate them, I know…

In posts that will follow and on the pages of this site, all this will be explained to you in detail, with references to the original research findings, so that we can all deal with this in a much more complete way, stop counting calories and dancing around a gym in tights and start eating well and living well.  Living long and incredibly healthy lives, free of the diseases that overweight causes.  That’s why www.SlowCarbHQ.com exists.  To help us all learn what we need to know to be healthy for life.