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There are a lot of cliches about being out of shape and carrying extra weight — and we’ve all used them to help ourselves feel a little better when we’ve been caught in this unhappy situation. It’s a tough road.

There is a way out, though...and it’s not by following the advice we’ve been given for so many years.  Research has shown, and people have proven, that eating a healthy, delicious (read that NOT Low Fat)  Slow Carb Diet and working out/exercising  in moderate and pleasant ways, can lead to a long and vibrant life. And that’s what we’re talking about here — getting this wonderful body we have in the best possible shape.

The Life Of Your Dreams

Living the life of our dreams almost always includes having  incredible health and energy.  And it’s not that hard…  Yes, we need to get our mindset in gear (and we will address that here) and yes, we can’t bench press 200 pounds, probably… (Well, maybe YOU can!)…and yes, we have this “calories in, calories out” mentality that’s been fed to us for 50 years…   But we are turning a corner — better ways are being discovered or rediscovered.

As we begin to make changes in the way we eat and the way we move, one of the best ways to track progress is to measure our body and measure our fat percentage. I know this from experience (See Below). Last year I did serious working out for 11 months and got decidedly smaller and my body fat percentage went down over 10 % — but I lost NO weight! So whether you do it at a gym or at home — do it. It counteracts that awful feeling of getting on the scale and seeing no movement!

My Experience With Weight Workouts At Age 67

In the summer of 2009, I joined a woman’s fitness center and began to work out several times a week. I was really tired of seeing my strength disappear through lack of use. Little did I know when I began, how much strength I had lost. That was noticed as it came back.

I had a thorough workup by the Exercise physiologist and was not shocked, but was dismayed to learn that my body fat % was 44! I was chubby. Pretty chubby… And at 5’2″ — well, a few pounds show. And I had more than a few…

I started slowly with the weights, using the smaller ones that the instructor had shown me. Added to that, I walked the treadmill at my target heart rate for 30-40 minutes twice a week.

As the months went by I was really pleased to be moving up to heavier and heavier weights with regularity. I was also thrilled to notice that it was again easy to get out of the car, walk up stairs and do normal things that had become hard. WOW.

At some point, I discovered Tim Ferriss’ “work short and HARD” weight lifting ideas and stared to use them.

In March of 2010, I met with my sisters (who live a distance from me) to try on gowns for one sister’s wedding — a gala event planned for July and in which we were all taking part. My sisters were raving about how great I looked. I didn’t realize that the changes showed — since I was living with the slow progress and the people I saw everyday were, too. But my sisters saw a huge difference.

The upshot was — I didn’t lose any weight to speak of in the first 9 months of working out. Maybe a pound or two. But I was SMALLER, and my body fat % had gone down to 31! AGAIN…WOW.

Subsequently, I found the SLOW CARB way of eating and have lost some more fat. I am pretty darned happy.

So my message here is that for a woman past 65 who has “let herself go,” there is no reason not to get into a gym and start working out with weights. You won’t get muscle bound AND people will soon be telling you how great you look.

I had read Miriam Nelson’s book — Strong Women Stay Young — and she is right! Being able to do the everyday things that I used to find easy was more wonderful than I can describe.

So go for it. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a woman’s gym like I did that catered to older women — so you won’t have to put up with nubile 20-somethings in tights! And I wish you all the best.


And if you prefer to workout at home…

Total Gym 1800 Club (LINK)

I’ve used this exercise equipment and it is truly wonderful. You get a full body weight workout — and if you move from one exercise to the next fairly quickly, you’re getting an aerobic workout right along with the weights!    What a deal!

Total Gym

Happy, Fit People!








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